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Beijing hotel tourism industry the 11th annual summit will be held in Beijing

Date: 2014-11-18

Beijing hotel tourism industry the 11th annual summit will be held in Beijing on November 27, the related industry hundreds of elite tyrone hotel will meet in Beijing. As representative of the hotel industry in Beijing, one of series of activities the originator of yuan Yang said recently, Stanford university, according to a survey of a person's income, 12.5% comes from knowledge, 87.5% from the network. Also have relevant comments in your success, believe that 30% of revenue comes from knowledge, 70% of its revenue from the network. Although the data is different, but as to prove the importance of the contacts, networking development is an eternal topic.
Share the success of the rich philosophy, tell us just phenomenon, they will just say how hard the condition, how a firm faith, but not revealed essence, because you are not his heir. See the essence through the phenomena, to find the real practical method, don't listen to what to say, the rich to see what the rich do, want to be rich, to think like a rich. Want to make money, to be successful, the tools you have how many money? Do you have any? No, no? Create, how to create, create?
Novel and unique, individual has the ability of social value of the product, called creativity. Whether a person has the creativity, is a first-class talent and third-rate talent watershed, second-rate talent is what, is a person with ability but not to create. Contacts, resources, products, channel, platform, capital, the six keywords is six tools of making money. And connections, known as a circle, it is the starting point of the other five elements.