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The mascot of Beijing the imperial palace debut Called "well" and "mei-mei"

Date: 2014-11-23

China news agency in xiamen on November 23 report (reporter Chen) the mascot of Beijing the imperial palace longfeng "well", "meimei" 23 unveiled for the first time in xiamen. Feng Hui, director of the center for the national Palace Museum cultural services to the China news agency reporters, the Forbidden City has its own mascot for the first time, hope to become longfeng mascot "star effect of cultural products", the audience to accept, let the world know the Chinese culture.
The mascot of the imperial palace is held is xiamen debut in a museum and related products and technology expo.
This time the appearance of mascot, derived from the traditional Chinese auspicious longfeng, respectively dragon "well" and "chicken" meimei ". Live in addition to the display image, also with 3 d printing technology made three-dimensional cartoon image, attract many people pay attention to play with.
The Palace Museum, said "strong" embodies the characteristic of power, in order to describe the Forbidden City in the world, the Ming and qing dynasty existing largest and the most magnificent, most complete imperial complex psychological shock to people feeling.
Phoenix is the embodiment of the "beauty" in Chinese traditional culture, on behalf of "the beauty, combined with the beauty", a symbol of the Palace Museum collection of more than 180 pieces of ancient art treasures to convey Chinese traditional aesthetic connotation.
"The Palace Museum is celebrating the 90th anniversary of the founding, before that no mascot", Feng Hui said the hope expressed in the mascot of the Chinese nation cultural heritage, reflect the content of "the spirit of the dragon and phoenix".