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How can night market economy sinking accommodation is not left behind?

Date: 2019-07-29

The Lantern Festival in 2019, is a special day for the imperial palace.The imperial palace for the first time open evening light, stunning the world.

Someone said, "this is one night in Beijing development, to make an important step in the Chinese city that never sleeps.

Many years later, Beijing again dozen night economy abacus, this time, thanks to the night beauty of development can walk how far?

Urban night economy really is a good business?

In fact, as early as in 1990, the night economy officially entered China.Night of economic development in our country is developing gradually from the early light night market, now the night of economic model is quite rich, containing "food, shopping, entertainment, body, exhibition," etc., diverse consumer market has been formed at night.

Today, nearly 30 years the night of the economic development, rise from the city, a cliche is also on the agenda.To build urban night economy really is a good business?

Times are different, the night of the economic development level is changing.The GUI jie street in Beijing, jinan of lotus street, xi 'an hui street, are eating economic development model, has formed a IP.But outside of the food culture, in recent years the rise of the night special tourism products, the growth of nanjing with qinhuai river as the backing, combined with the rope on both sides of the Taiwan straits and large indoor performance, landscape live-action performance, and other forms of culture, nanjing night tourism become a "golden signboard" of the city.Xi 'an spent 3 billion yuan to build the Spring Festival "in xi 'an, most China" opening night economic feast.In addition, guangzhou, shenzhen, chengdu and other cities of nightscape museum, "wonderful night zoo" summer camp in Shanghai, Beijing aquarium winter night, borrow the text brigade night economic integration development.

Successful development over night economic case, have one thing in common, that is their own tourism city.Tourist city had a tourism resources, the development of economy has innate advantages for night.

So, for most ordinary city, how to develop the night is to study the core issue of real economy.

Night market economy sinks, how can accommodation is not left behind?

City of night economy development form is given priority to with food, shopping, entertainment, body, restricted by time and space, and policy conditions, the development of tourism, exhibition, play night economic task to only three or four line city down the market.

As a leading platform for the reservation of a home stay facility, wooden bird short rent CEO Huang Yue sinking to the market judgment is unusually accurate, he clearly put forward in the interview, from the beginning of 2018 have three or four cities and scenic spots sinking, the demand of these areas is becoming more and more big, and the housing supply is inadequate.The future, three or four line city home stay facility requirements will be continued, the home stay facility houses in such regions will also present large area of growth.

Tourism consumption upgrade, three or four line city and town youth ability of the economy and consumption, driving the sinking of the tourism consumption market together.Surrounding the city tour is emerging.

Public holiday is limited, the golden week tourism, scenic area people mountain people sea, go to where is conformity;The monotony of scenic area, tourists are already in fatigue;Intense work life, users tend to in city not far away and have some fun during the weekend, live a live, relax, gubei water town is a good example.Development in 2016, fame has been in the outside, and the home stay facility lovers also attracted many tourists.

Embarks from the modern tourism user demand, niche travel to be the first choice of the user to swim around.Has not been overexploited, natural scenery and local conditions and customs, visual experience and feelings are fresh.In these niche travel tourist night market sinks economic development in its early stage, for big accommodation industry, home stay facility opportunities than hotel.