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Cross-strait financial three will be in Beijing in December

Date: 2014-12-09

Reporter learned from the China banking regulatory commission, the cross-strait financial three will (the China banking regulatory commission and Taiwan will "gold", circ and Taiwan will "gold" "gold"), the securities and futures commission and Taiwan held in Beijing in late December, for sure, this is the first cross-strait financial three will be synchronized.
Cross-strait financial three will be held in 2013, three times, respectively is "the gold will be" in January of last year, "silver gold will" in April, October will "gold". Because of the last three meetings are held in Taipei, to Beijing this year as a host, and synchronous financial three meeting.
We have learned, this regarding the issues mainly administrative open projects, such as accelerated branch for examination and approval, not involving the market access negotiations. As for Taiwan's financial industry focus on cross-strait financial cooperation and on both sides of the decoupling service trade agreement, the personage inside course of study says, "is likely to be hit, but the success rate is not high."