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Capital airport blossom "art stars"

Date: 2014-11-25

Morning paper dispatch (reporter Chi-hui feng) "AIRART art star" theme exhibition recently at the capital airport. It is not only a T3 terminal artists on display for the first time, it is the first time in Beijing the top space of public art galleries and art on display.
Contemporary artists exhibition will invite Mr Xu thought "AIRART art star" inscription, English Chinese is xu looks like the Chinese, the actual design for symbols of new form of writing in English, to passengers of match well of Chinese and western artistic enjoyment. Mr Sculptor outlook on behalf of a false rock 46 works also exhibited in T3 terminal building for the first time. Xu is the international influence of Chinese contemporary artist, in the 1990 s, he famous for variant Chinese characters "gobbledygook" series. In the subsequent in the exhibition, but also will display xu for the capital airport custom art.
It is reported, this series of subsequent more world-class Chinese artists, will be invited to present more Chinese art, in China the first goalkeeper to build China's public art international communication platform, to the capital airport to become the world's "one of the busiest gallery".