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Beijing cultural tour 840 million incoming projects, who have the opportunity to be a native 'Disney'?

Date: 2019-11-09

After successful crossover, film and television industry, Beijing culture and its high in October 840 million to buy Beijing Orient landscape resort co., LTD., wen brigade project.Similarly, in May this year listed shadow companies holding the same to 840 million yuan, with nanjing two pieces of land.According to the announcement, according to the text brigade project also become the main purpose of land.

Before wanda, huayi, huaqiang, the entertainment, after investment holdings, Beijing culture.Shanghai Disneyland and universal studios theme park is built in Beijing north and south, gave the is separated by numerous domestic enterprises instead of ambition.

As nezha conquers the familiars down "(hereinafter referred to as the" which zha ") "god of the universe" sell knocking the door, holding many elements are more likely to become a theme park animation IP light media, will restart the text brigade dream?There who wants to become a local "Disney"?

Securities regulatory commission (CSRC) 840 million text brigade project close to Beijing culture

"The answer is reasonable, the company saw god next year, film burst, what theme parks are all promising."In late October, Beijing culture on the announcement of the shenzhen stock exchange on letter of reply to the comments section of a net friend said so.

In the official announcement, Beijing culture "to the 840 million acquisition of assessment value of 342 million Beijing Orient landscape resort co., LTD." trade the price is reasonable, whether there is any other benefit arrangement, and the problem of the specific use of company to buy land to return to the shenzhen stock exchange information.According to the announcement, the land is mainly used in construction of Beijing miyun film text brigade project.The project land area of 187200 square meters, the entire project development cycle 3 to 5 years, mainly through IP Beijing cultural films, TV theme movie business area + hotel as the core, mainly travel project, and form a complete set of multifunction theater, studio, the city of god, and parent-child class theme park, star restaurant blocks, such as theme hotel facilities.

Beijing bureau of culture into the brigade project is blind follow suit, or had plan?Summer 2017 "war Wolf 2" after the big sale, chairman Song Ge media interview gives a clear answer."Disney is the world's best entertainment, the somebody else's business model is very clear, have to do is to learn.So we first, to create well first, on the basis of this, we put the IP traffic entrance formation, and then go to cash, do derivatives, video entertainment, games, authorization, do long tail."The Song Ge unashamedly, Beijing culture's aim is to Disney.

From the perspective of development of live entertainment and theme parks, once tourism background, a big advantage will be Beijing culture.Although the "radical" become the largest outside give Song Ge attribute labels, but it seems the original "five to ten years, to reach a scale, initially formed a industrial chain" rhetoric is takes root.From the tourist crossover to the film and television to layout brigade project, how to use the Beijing culture, film and television IP feedback theme park is still there.The future will be hand over how to answer, no one can predict.Summer 2020 release of the first chapter of god trilogy market performance, or will determine the brigade advance level of the project.

Domestic literature brigade project revenue: the "model student", huayi consecutive decline

Where someone, there is a river's lake, river's lake where there are changes in temperature.In the past few years, culture and tourism industry domestic brands staged a song qu bing and with fire.Made water of the Spring Festival, the "top" bald."Bears" gear as the Spring Festival is the most successful series of animated films, schedule for five consecutive years since 2014 animated film title.Huaqiang group, IP is given priority to with this theme park, become the main revenue source company.

And, according to 2018 earnings report period cultural theme park of science and technology is the company's main source of revenue, income than this business in 3.604 billion accounted for 82.95% of annual revenue.Among them, the cultural theme park operations of 2.492 billion science and technology, a 11.89% increase over the same period of last year.The main reason for nanning project put into operation, has opened theme park operating in good condition.

Huaqiang group, 2018 earnings, according to the world theme park authoritative research institutions published in 2018, the global theme park survey, huaqiang group, its "party theme park" with 42.074 million tourist hotels, world's top five for three consecutive years, tourist hotels "up 9.3% from a year earlier.Huge visitors, let theme park revenue performance increase obviously.According to the third quarter of 2019, according to the results during the reporting period the company achieve 4.116 billion operating income, in the same period last year increased by 24.68% compared to the same;Ownership of listed companies 705 million net profit rose 13.04%.Animation IP as the incision, filial, young lovers as the main audience of huaqiang square will certainly be one of the best domestic theme park operations.

Once the private film and television first wave huayi brothers, in the aspect of text brigade project performance is worse and worse.According to the third quarter 2019 years ago, during the reporting period the company behind the main movie business brand licensing and entertainment section of real income is 036.5 million, 154 million decreased by 76.44% compared to the same period last year, compared to the same state will decrease.In the third quarter of 2018 results also show that the plate business income is 154 million, 361 million grades than the same period last year dropped by 57.11%.

Only bad companies, there is no difference of industry.In the brigade, river's lake, many public shadow prices of different situation, prove theme park in the domestic market has great potential.How to draw nutrition from industry leaders of experience, combined with the characteristics of its own IP is very important to differentiate operation.

High quality IP reserves written project success or failure key factors

Commercial housing is entering "after real estate era", wen brigade project is beginning.According to huaqiang group, reported in 2018, when GDP per capita more than $10000, people's cultural consumption began to rapid growth.National statistics show that in 2018 about $9769 per capita GDP reached 64644 yuan, are moving in the rapid growth of consumption in our country, based on the text of film and television IP brigade nature will also benefit from this project.

Shanghai Disneyland opened a year have profit, directly prove the domestic tour market potential is tremendous.Because of this, no matter active or passive, people are always willing to take the Disney and universal studios theme park tour on the document of the domestic construction projects.In fact, the success of the industry, also is not one thing.The Disney company, established in 1926, has been ninety years of history.The first Disneyland in the world, founded in 1955 in California.After 30 years of precipitation, IP is the first theme park with the same company.Therefore, to establish high quality IP resource to be a famous domestic companies to build the first condition of tour project.

Secondly, from the current domestic theme park "model student" the paradise of successful experience, to animation IP will surely attract all age important travel consumer community parent-child swimming, etc.In this respect, has been holding a big Chinese flowering crabapple, high-quality animation IP light such as the custodian of the big media, undoubtedly have a certain advantage.

In June 2014, the light media announced agreement with the Shanghai minhang district, in minhang pujiang town construction of "Chinese film world" project, covers an area of 1200 mu, investment of 10 billion.On December 22, 2017, with the yangzhou jiangdu district Chinese film world project cooperation framework agreement, the project covers an area of 4150 mu, a total investment of 10 billion yuan.After that, the light media no relevant project schedule or layout of real news.

In which zha to become full age after the hot style of animation IP, if "the son tooth", "phoenix" will be able to continue its heat, so to the diffuse the animation film sealing god the universe, will also become an important force in the light restart business trip arrangement.At the end of 2018, the hand in Chinese brigade project collective packaging sold to melt after gen, wanda quickly signed an agreement with lanzhou, with a total investment of nearly 30 billion will be settled in the city of lanzhou wanda city, the two sides will work together to create new cultural tourism brand.In the domestic brand army brigade course towards the alternation of old and new faces, who have a chance to become the east "Disney"?Don't blindly follow suit, enterprises with long-term planning no doubt go further.